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Novichem Services


At Novichem Co., we manage different steps of the order deliveries with great attention to detail, ensuring that the chemical raw materials you have ordered will be delivered on time and precisely them. Our storage facilities are capable of handling various types of packing groups either bulk or packed in drums, IBC tanks or bags.

From the moment order is placed, it is tracked by our experienced operations staff with highest attention to timing and every single documentation. In case your order needs special attention or custom packing, it will be managed as per your request at minimum time.

If you are experiencing issues with your current chemical supplier, Novichem Co. is always at your service to offer you an alternative using its worldwide network of manufacturers.

We are well experienced in procurement of the chemicals which are difficult to source again taking advantage of our worldwide network and relations. We can assure you that the supplier change process which is usually not easy, will be smooth and will not cause any issues in your formulations and production process.

Thanks to our dynamic and capable team, we always adopt ourselves to the changing market conditions and non-stop flow of information.


On time and reliable shipping services are crucial parts of a responsible chemical supplier. Novichem Co. has unique operations and shipment department which is managed by a team of highly experienced staff each have relevant training and certificates in areas such as international sea and road shipments, export-import documentations, customs operations.

Our operations department is capable of handling shipments by air freight for small quantities, different wagon sizes in railways, Bulk and container shipments by sea, and TIR trucks in the land. One of our main goals is to be cost-effective while keeping the services at the highest level and that is being done thanks to our powerful partner shipping companies.

We closely monitor every single shipment from the production, quality control, and especially the shipment process which is corresponded to our customers simultaneously.


We offer bulk & containerized cargo shipping and hence can help customers and suppliers to reduce their cost of transportation. This is combined with a commitment to practice Just-In-Time service to:

  • Ensure customers receive the right quantities of material on time for their production.
  • Regular stocking of products to fulfill customers’ immediate requirements.
  • Ensuring all documents comply with legal procedures and are in accordance with client requirements.
  • Inventory management on behalf of customers.
  • Providing custom declaration and clearance operations for customers.

Our expertise in all aspects of sourcing ensures that our customers receive the quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness they deserve from Novichem Co., your innovative procurement partner of yours.


As a resourcing specialist, Novichem Co. focuses on meeting your chemical sourcing needs as quickly and as reliably as possible. Our global contacts, extensive network of relationships, understanding of market dynamics, and in-depth chemical knowledge enable us to provide customers with the products and services they need to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Whether you are looking for a hard-to-find product, an existing product with new specifications, or a new form of a known material, Novichem Co. can help source your material in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Novichem Co.'s custom services include, but are not limited to:

  • Toll processing of raw materials to meet customer specs
  • Spray drying
  • Granulation
  • Formulation assistance
  • Synthesis
  • Repackaging


In our international business, we as Novichem act as a keystone between the consuming industry and producers of chemical raw materials and auxiliaries. We conjecture the expense and risk involved for producers in maintaining a presence of their own in international markets, with teams having all-round expertise and capability to deliver on-time, appropriate and winning solutions, we secure access to the world’s key markets.

From A to Z, We take full responsibility in procurement of various chemical materials and auxiliaries for our customers in different countries and sales on behalf of the acknowledged and qualified manufacturers in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, Novichem is responsible for the distribution activities in the local markets. In this context, Novichem provides far-reaching functions such as efficient logistics, local storage facilities, and just-in-time deliveries to the consuming industry in question. We have the capability to formulate and produce products at every stage of the process.  Our full-service approach includes sourcing raw materials, laboratory development, pilot runs, and commercialization of any chemical blending project. Whether it’s blending a simple mix of ingredients or performing custom chemical synthesis, Novichem Co. is equipped to work side-by-side with your company to bring your project to fulfillment.

We always protect your formulations and intellectual.


Novichem Co. offers a broad range of chemical  products from commodities to specialties, but within this breadth of products, we specialize in certain market segments and have developed a deep understanding of those products and markets.

The business of chemicals is complex and diverse. Novichem in its successful business tenure climbing the steps, internationally, has seen the breadth and width of this industry. We see that customers are looking for solutions that will address their specific needs and various challenges which may arise as the results of international policies and restrictions or the changing rules and regulations.

While it is easy to be a trader and distributor, in today’s highly competitive and fragmented environment, Novichem’s forte and its diversity and extensive capabilities are its key differentiator in the industry enabling us act as an international chemical supplier as well as a solution provider having proven all-round expertise and capability to deliver on-time, appropriate and winning solutions.